• 31 Jobs from Your Phone That Will Pay Rent Today

    Jobs from your phone

    Inside: Top jobs from your phone that will help with your bills today! We are entering a new age of work. Since the COVID shutdown, people have started looking for jobs that they can do from the comfort of their own homes. Many companies and even colleges have shifted to a more online-focused work base. […]

  • How to Find Your Why(Worksheet Included)

    How to find your why. Woman sitting in front of computer with headphones, talking into mic

    Inside: How to find your why with helpful worksheet to get you started. Finding your purpose is something that can prove to be one of the most beneficial and helpful tools in your entire life. It affects everything you do, from your job to your hobbies. Everything is touched by your sense of direction and […]

  • What Must An Entrepreneur Assume When Starting a Business?

    What must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business

    Inside: What must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business? So… you are thinking about starting your own business? Congratulations! I know what you may be thinking, does this really call for a celebration yet? It absolutely does, and let me tell you why: the fact that you are thinking about starting your own business […]

  • Best Working Mom Blogs To Inspire The Daily Grind

    Best working mom blogs. Photo of woman smiling at computer.

    Inside: Best working mom blogs you need to keep up on to inspire your own daily habits. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges. Although each child is different, every mom knows the struggles that come from trying to balance her kids and her career. In […]

  • 65 Most Hilarious Working from Home with Kids Memes

    hilarious working from home with kids memes

    Inside: Top hilarious working from home with kids memes to lighten your very heavy workload today. Working from home can be a blessing… and a curse. All jokes, of course; I am just referring to the special set of challenges that come along with working out of your home. Forcing yourself to stick to a schedule […]

  • 81 Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone You’ll Love

    Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone

    Inside: Best Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone. Like it or not, our phones are our most consistent accessory. We spend time picking out our clothing accessories, so it only makes sense that we style our phones to fit our personalities as well. I like to change my background for every season. Now that the holidays […]

  • How to Start a Lifestyle Business

    Inside: How to start a lifestyle business & what exactly is that?  There’s been so much chatter online lately about the concept of being a #girlboss. Is it empowering? Is it belittling? Are we all called to be bosses? What makes you a boss? And what exactly are you in charge of? I’d like to […]