Work with me

Start, Scale & Sell Your Digital Business

Getting from where you are to the next step in the business process can sometimes feel overwhelming. I’m so excited to be offering 3 coaching packages to come alongside you in the journey.

Why 1 on 1 Coaching?

My desire is to truly help you get to the next stage of business and this type of coaching provides the personalized training online courses lack.

My coaching packages include not just my insight in a one time meeting, that would be of some use for sure. But I’ve found it SO much more successful to offer 2 full strategy calls, pre & post work via email and a full month of Voxer help. 

This set-up allows the mentorship process to happen fluidly and in step with exactly where you are in the  process. This is mot a cutter cutter approach to 

Starting Package

You’re ready to start your business. I will walk through a full month of business set up with you, including branding work, vision, plans & you’ll walk away with a fully designed website ready to go.

Building Package

You have the business set and running, now you’re trying to to scale. With this package we will spend a month planning, plotting and helping you overcome the obstacles to get to the next level.

Selling Package

You’ve worked hard and built this business and are wondering what’s next. I will walk you through the pre-sale planning process to ensure your exit is done with ease and the most profit possible. 


Starting Package

Let's launch the right way and you're business will be primed for success

There are a thousand great business ideas in every town, but very few will be made into anything because to build you have to start. Let me walk with you through the launch journey and finally put into reality that business dream you’ve had. 

I will help with the big picture ideas, as well as walking you through the exact steps necessary to get your great business idea up and running in 1 month flat! It’s daily work, but so worth it.

Building package

Once you build the bridge, you only have to walk it out

Figuring out what to do next to grow and scale your business isn’t always easy. In our month long growth package, I will walk through a strategic planning process with you and put my years of digital entrepreneurship experience at your disposable so we can work together to take your business to the next level. 

Whether is products you want to bring to market, eyeballs you need on your content or even a dreamy next step, like publishing a book. We can set up the process to get you closer to that goal now!



Selling package

Your online business is most likely the single biggest asset you will own...

And now you are thinking of exiting, or divesting your ownership in it. I have successfully sold 3 digital content business and an online product based business and know the process through and through. 

Let me help you walk through the process of the sale to ensure you are ready to get top dollar and navigate the often overwhelming process as you take your asset to market. 

Putting my passion into practice

I’ve found when we as women create digital assets with real world value - it is the best way to spend our online time to create a legacy of for our families and communities.