Inside: Why I take the summer’s mostly off and benefits of taking time off I’ve found as a business owner & my tips on how to do it regularly.

We are leaving for Europe this week & I’m taking time off work. What!!!?!

As a digital business owner our hours get all kinds of blurred, I know this to be true in so many ways.

Whether it’s in the positive – that as a business owner I can call it quits whenever I am tired.

Or more likely in the negative – that we are late on a deadline and staying up at all hours to catch up with it. Maybe even working through the weekend to finish an important project.

Taking time off can feel more like a luxury for some day than something that is a realistic idea you can put into practice today. Let me encourage you though that taking this time will in fact help you to be MORE PRODUCTIVE and get MORE DONE than if you didn’t take the time. I’ve learned that over the years owning multiple businesses and it has held true in everyone of them.

The benefits of taking time off as an entrepreneur

Here are the ways taking time off will help you to be a better business owner in the long run.

Taking Time Off Will Give You New Creativity

Taking time away from the computer will help to give you new and even better creativity when you step back into it.

The ability to see people, events, art, décor etc in real life is what inspires you to have the creativity to create that type of content.

When I was a DIY blogger, I always used to say I get my best ideas while crafting for fun!

This is true of any endeavor – when you actually step away and do something different it will actually give you more creativity for the important work you do and never less of it.

Better Focus When you are working

It has been proven that taking time away will increase your productivity when you are working.

While this is not the end or purpose to taking time off, it is a wonderful benefit to it! This is true both of taking small little breaks (I like to think of them as momentary vacations during the day), as well as bigger breaks throughout your working year.

Inspiration for future work

Who has had the experience of inspiration or a solution to a complex problem hitting them at that crazy moment when they’re not working? Remember Jack calling this the shower principle?

It’s the idea that when we step away and engage in something other than work… say take a walk, a shower or a car ride – and give the other side of our brain,  time to breathe it can be the best thing for solving the issue and moving forward with the work at hand.

Meeting others that could help your work

Being digital business owners by nature means we spend a lot of our time glued to our computer, phone, camera screens etc. This is great for getting work done, but can miss a HUGE part of what makes us successful.

Our interaction and engagement with other’s in our industry, like meeting other bloggers at a blogging conference or engaging with other artists at an art show will do more for our future success than you can imagine!

These interactions give us some of the best opportunities for growth as business owners and would be completely missed if we don’t step away from the work every now and then.

Plus, being able to set my schedule is a huge reason I love doing what I do. So my encouragement is to take the trip, joining the club, go to the event and watch as your work is even better for it.

How to take time off as a digital business owner

Here are a few practical ways to take time off.

💖 Yearly: The Great Escape 💖

Exotic Entrepreneurial Expeditions

Vacation, darling! And by vacation, I don’t mean working remotely from a beach in Bali. No laptops, no emails! The world is your oyster, pick your pearl and immerse yourself in a fresh culture, mouth-watering cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. Who knows, you might even come back with a dazzling new business idea!

Business Not-as-Usual Conferences

Attend a fun and enlightening conference related to your industry, or maybe not related at all! Why not indulge in a Yoga retreat or a gourmet cooking workshop? Get inspired and come back to your business with a fresh perspective.

Radical Refresh Retreat

Designate an entire week to staycation. No travels, just blissful quietness, a stack of books you’ve been meaning to read, those lovely pampering bubble baths, and the joy of doing absolutely nothing.

Weekly: The Refresh Routine

Sensational Sundays

Make it a sacred, non-negotiable rule. No work on Sundays! Whether you spend the day sipping mimosas at brunch, going for a hike in the great outdoors or having a movie marathon at home, make sure your Sunday is all about fun and relaxation.

Wondrous Work-outs

It’s no secret that working out releases happy hormones! Schedule at least three workouts in your week – whether that’s a Zumba class, a scenic run or dancing like no one’s watching in your living room.

Friend-zy Fridays

Don’t let your friendships slide while you’re conquering the world! Set a standing date for a Friday night dinner, movie or a fun outing with your squad. I have a standing after school pickup happy hour with a friend, and it’s such a fun way to wind down and end the week well. Laugh, unwind, and do what you do to celebrate the end of a successful week. Knowing you have this to look forward to will help your end of week be productive and fun!

 Daily: The Magic Minutes

Morning Marvels

Start the day on your terms. Enjoy a cup of your favourite brew, meditate, journal, dance around in your PJs, or just take a leisurely stroll around the block. Do something you love before plunging into the workday.

Break-time Bliss

Schedule breaks throughout your day. A fun phone call with mom, a quick social media scroll (cute cat videos, anyone?), or simply stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. Little breaks like this can recharge your creativity and productivity for the rest of the day.

Bedtime Beauties

Create a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual. A cup of chamomile tea, a captivating novel, a binge show or a skincare routine you adore. Even a few mindful deep breaths after putting the kids in bed will make the last few minutes of your day about soothing your body and mind and not about the grind.

Remember, you’re the rockstar entrepreneur of your life! Taking time off is not just about relaxation, it’s also about rejuvenating your mind, sparking creativity and most importantly, embracing the beautiful, multi-faceted, powerhouse woman you are! Work hard, rest harder!