Whether you’re building your own business or planning to one day, these 30 best books for female entrepreneurs will make great additions to your bookshelves! Learning how to be a successful entrepreneur is filled with ups and downs. These books for women in business can help you organize your thoughts, be creative, and learn from industry experts. 

The top books for female entrepreneurs include “Do it Like a Woman…and change the world” by Caroline Criado-Perez, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg, and “Girl on Fire” by Cara Alwill Leyba.  Each of these books contains anecdotes, need-to-know information, and actionable advice that you can put into practice right now. Books for women in business aren’t hard to find, but not all titles are created equal. 

These 30 books for the successful woman go above and beyond and deserve a place on your bookshelf.

Best books for female entrepreneurs

Books For The Successful Woman 

Add these best books for female entrepreneurs to your reading lists.

The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Authors Kay and Shipman offer up practical advice on how to become more confident in the workplace (and in life).

Do It Like a Woman…And Change the World by Caroline Criado-Perez

Get inspired by one of the several impressive women that author Criado-Perez interviewed who went on to change the world. 

The Multi-Hyphen Life by Emma Gannon

The perfect read if you’re feeling frustrated in your 9 to 5 job and are itching to make a change. 

Start Your Own Business: The Only Startup Book You’ll Ever Need by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media

Unlike other “start your own business” books, this one offers advice from the beginning of your journey through three years of being a business owner.

Beyond the Boys’ Club by Suzanne Doyle-Morris

Author Doyle-Morris picks the brains of female entrepreneurs in senior positions and offers up their advice in Beyond the Boys’ Club.

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before? By Marcella Allison and Laura Gale

Don’t let the humorous title fool you, this book gives solid advice and is one of the best books for successful women.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is an excellent role model for female entrepreneurs. 

Strong Woman: The Truth About Getting to the Top by Karren Brady

Author Brady beat the odds when she survived a brain aneurysm and went on to become Vice-Chairwoman of the professional soccer club West Ham United.

Thrive by Arianna Huffington

Huffington is the cofounder and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media Group and wrote one of the best books for female entrepreneurs.

Girl on Fire by Cara Alwill Leyba

Author Alwill Leyba encourages women to stop waiting for permission and start living out their entrepreneurial dreams.

Grit: The Power and Passion of Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Duckworth argues that the secret to making it in business has nothing to do with talent, but with how much “grit” you have. 

Women Who Launch by Marlene Wagman-Geller 

History buffs will love this inspiring round up of women in business over the ages. Includes stories of Estee Lauder and Juliette Gordon Low.

Leapfrog by Nathalie Molina Niño and Sarah Grace

Advice on how to get around the restrictions of the male-dominated world of business from two female tech entrepreneurs.

#GirlBoss by Sophie Amoruso

Follow Amoruso’s journey as she opens her own fashion empire. This book was made into a Netflix series!

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This book will make you laugh out loud while giving solid advice on how to improve your life and become everything you were meant to be.

Great reads for women in business

Books For Women in Business

Whether you want to build up a brick and mortar business or the perfect solution as a stay at home mom, these books can help you get there.

Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur by Charlene Walters

Author Walters calls her book a playbook for entrepreneurs as well as a guide to women’s empowerment.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Scott is a CEO coach who offers up well-founded advice on how to become successful while staying kind.

Dear Female Founder by Lu Li

Another one of the best books for female entrepreneurs, this is a collection of letters by female entrepreneurs who have earned over $1 billion.

Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran

If you’ve ever had a failed business, Corcoran should be your inspiration. She failed at over 20 jobs before building a billion dollar company.

A Good Time to be a Girl by Helena Morissey

Morissey, a female entrepreneur, wants to reinvent the business world instead of molding herself into something she isn’t. 

Body and Soul by Anita Roddick

Roddick tells the story of how she opened her multi-figure business The Body Shop and how she continues to give back (and why you should too).

Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu

Contrary to most books for women in business, Drop the Ball doesn’t claim that you can “have it all.” This realistic look at female entrepreneurship is a breath of fresh air.

Mistakes I Made at Work by Jessica Bacal

A collection of realistic reflections from 25 influential women in business.

She Means Business by Carrie Green

Step-by-step instructions on how to bring your big business vision to life from a fellow female entrepreneur.

Talking from 9 to 5 by Deborah Tannen

Author Tannen breaks down the differences in communication style between men and women. She encourages readers to adapt what they learn to their business relationships.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

How to overcome your fear of failure and stop self-sabotaging because of low self-confidence.

How to be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis

Founder of the multi-figure skincare company Rodial shares her journey and reveals the truth behind her “overnight success.” 

She Speaks by Yvette Cooper

She Speaks gives great public speaking advice, which is essential for any female business owner!

Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Not necessarily a book about entrepreneurship, Rising Strong is filled with advice and inspiration on how to nurture your creativity.

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel PhD

Frankel outlines 130 behaviors women are taught from a young age that go on to sabotage them at work. 

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