The Story Of Building Digital Assets


I’m Victoria Hudgins and I’m an old school blogger at heart!

After building, scaling and selling multiple digital businesses I am compelled to help others do the same, but learning how to build, grow and sell a business that is worth real life money isn’t easy. 

I noticed that the type of digital content training I felt most passionate about didn’t exist. And any that I could find didn’t meet the unique needs of women building digital businesses while also raising families & being true to their values.

So I’ve built it here! Here at Pink Pop Media you will find:

1. Detailed training in the process of building creative content based business. 

2. Business planning help you scale to the business you know you can build.

3. Recognizing your businesses worth as genuine financial asset that is worthy of the market.

I created what I couldn’t find & I’m excited to have a chance to guide others on this journey.



The failures and successes are all part
of the WHOLE story.

The beginning of it all… I started blogging WAY back in the old days of 2009 (pre any social media!). What started as a hobby to keep my hands busy while I was home on maternity leave with my twin babies, quickly turned into a passion project that would take over my life. You may know it as

After some early success, I made the leap to leave my job as an investment banker and stay home to build this thing called a blog, which was unheard of at the time. No one understood how in the world I’d make any money at this.

Over the next 10 years I did a bunch of crazy things and failed a lot along the way. It was basically the wild west of blogging! I did things like launching a digital magazine, have a major feature in Better Homes & Gardens, got the chance to creatively direct & act in commercials, styled party sets for Martha (fricken!) Stewart, partnered with some of my FAVORITE brands and even wrote 3 actual paper books. 

It was intense, it was all consuming, and honestly it was so much fun.

BUT ALSO... it became a business that grew
out of line with my life values

And then one day I woke up and realized that even though I had achieved so much success, I actually wanted out.

So The Exits Began...

Business Exit #1

I just knew it one day. That I was done and now was my time to exit. At the time, I didn’t even know that getting out was an option. A random encounter helped me to see my options and make the tough decision to sell my first blog. This hobby/turned successful business was actually worth something serious and it allowed me to start fresh again. Scary decisions can sometimes be the exact right ones we need to make. 

Business Exit #2

I sold my first blog right before the V!d turned our world upside down. We were stuck home in 2020, like everyone else. While my kids were Zoom schooling, I decided to launch a physical product brand. I thought holding something physical would make things feel more real to me and aligned with my values & it actually did.

I launched the Peach Party product brand selling solely through Amazon. It found an instant audience and got to see real life people using the product I designed at their parties, weddings and special moments to make their lives more fun!


The other side of the business though… the sourcing products from factories across the world and what felt like a never ending push toward consumerism, that part I quickly realized I did not like at all. That business sold in 2022. 

Business Exit #3

The 3rd exit we had was for our home decor brand V.Jane Design which was a fun detour into the home accessory niche that was a lesson to me in how quickly a small niche business can be grown and sold. 

And now...

I’m passionate about teaching women to build their own digital assets and scale them to keep or sell.

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