I'm obsessed with planning


I’m Victoria Hudgins and I’m an old-school blogger at heart!

After building, scaling, and selling multiple digital businesses over the past 15 years – I realized the planning of it all is the magic to success!

It’s a strange thing to adore business planning ;). It’s so fun to me and I hope through my resources it’ll become your favorite too.


Nice to meet you!

For my first 10 years online I was founding editor of A Subtle Revelry where I shared party ideas daily. This was WAY back before social media was even invented. I'm aging myself, I know...

A LITTLE STORY ABOUT my CAREER IN launching, building & selling digital businesses

Failures and successes are all part
of the WHOLE story, even if they weren't in the plan.

The beginning of it all… I started blogging WAY back in the old days of 2009 (before any social media!). What started as a hobby to keep my hands busy while I was home on maternity leave with my twin babies, quickly turned into a passion project that would take over my life. You may know it as asubtlerevlery.com

After some early success, I made the leap to leave my job as an investment banker and stay home to build this thing called a blog, which was unheard of at the time. No one understood how in the world I’d make any money at this.

Over the next 10 years, I did a bunch of crazy things and failed a lot along the way. It was basically the Wild West of blogging! I did things like:

    • Launched a digital magazine
    • Did lots of speaking on digital business management & planning
    • Wrote 4 books
    • Be featured in Better Homes & Gardens, on The Today Show, and in the New York Times!
    • I had the chance to creatively direct & act in commercials, and style party sets for Martha (fricken!) Stewart
    • Partner with some of my FAVORITE brands. 

It was intense. It was all-consuming. Honestly, it was so much fun.

I spent time doing a hundred different things, without any real overall plan & I was successful, but not like I could be, and most importantly…

I was tired.

WITHOUT A PLAN... I grew a business that was
out of line with my life values

And then one day I woke up and realized that even though I had achieved so much success, I needed a grown-up business plan.

So The Planning Began...

Planning To Start

One day I woke up and just knew that I was done with running the site I built and was ready to start anew, with a plan to grow the right way. 

I sold the first blog, which I dubbed my 3rd baby & decided to launch a physical product brand & more blogs. This was when my intense passion for planning took shape. I realized that everything in business could be laid out and the steps easily taken with a good plan. 

Whether it’s e-commerce products, service-based business, or digital content business having a plan has helped me to start many new ventures the right way.

Planning To Scale

The next step was to grow my new businesses. Using my Pink Pop Planning guide I was able to scale out and grow these little newbie businesses into companies that can be run and sold without my daily stress managing. What a relief this was!!!

Planning To Sell

And then these budding companies grow up and get to a place where I sometimes want to exit.

There was a time, when I didn’t even know that selling my digital business was an option.

After making the tough decision to sell my first blog I learned that this hobby/turned successful business was actually worth something serious and it allowed me to start fresh again. Scary decisions can often be the exact right ones we need to make. 

To prepare for a sale though you need a plan, and I’ve found that having one has helped the process go smoother everytime. 

What I'm really excited about these days...

I'm really excited to have the chance to give other digital entrepreneurs the opportunity to plan well whatever stage of business they are in.

Pink POP Media

Ready to chat about it?

Here at Pink Pop Media, I share free planning content on the blog weekly, I provide downloads and products at affordable price points to get you to your next step, and I’m even offering limited 1-on-1 coaching if you need someone to get in the planning weeds alongside you. 

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