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Hi, I’m Victoria Hudgins, an old-school blogger, author, podcaster and digital business creator.

After building, scaling, and selling multiple digital businesses over the past 15 years – I realized the magic of business success is all in the planning!

Here at Pink Pop Media I share my passion, knowledge and resources for Digital Business Planning no matter the stage you are in.


How I got here

15 years ago I was the founding creator of A Subtle Revelry where I built a digital business from the ground up.
This was WAY back before social media was even invented!!!
After selling that business, I went on to grow and sell 5 more digital-based businesses and in the process found a passion for planning, launching, scaling, and selling digital businesses.

Let's get planning

Wherever you are in your business journey, I've been there too and I'm ready to help you get organized and make a plan to bring your goals into reality.

Pink POP Media

Ready to chat about it?

Here at Pink Pop Media, I share free business planning and organization content through the blog, social media, videos, and a podcast. Plus a line of office organization supplies & physical planners (coming soon!) to get you to your next step. 

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Digital business growth articles and weekly planning tips.


My latest thoughts on life and craving off-line relationships.


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