Inside: Best Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone.

Like it or not, our phones are our most consistent accessory. We spend time picking out our clothing accessories, so it only makes sense that we style our phones to fit our personalities as well.

I like to change my background for every season. Now that the holidays are over, and I am back to work… it’s time to find a cute background to replace the old one. I’m not sure about you, but I consider myself a girlie girl.

I love pink, glitter, flowers; you name it. So I scoured the internet looking for the best Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone.

Girly Cute Wallpaper for iPhone You'll Love

I came up with a pretty fruitful search. You can take a look below to find my absolute favorites. Your phone is about to level up in terms of cuteness. Be prepared to smile every time you open your home screen!

Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone

First up, I wanted to show you some classic girly cute wallpapers for iPhone. These backgrounds have everything that you could possibly want when looking for a new wallpaper to spice up your phone style.

You are going to fall in love with these! Check it out.

1. Light Pink Marble Background

2. Floral Painting with Oil on Canvas

3. Simple Light Pink Flower & Heart Background

4. Pastel Pink Marble Background

5. Gucci Pink Background w Gold

6. Multiple Shades of Pink

7. Sparkly Smiley Background

8. Glitter Photo Background

9. Purple Photo Collage

10. Pink Photo Collage Idea

Wallpapers to Help You Embrace Your Feminine

I hate it when people try to say being girly is a bad thing; it is so nice! I have recently been trying to channel my inner feminine by unapologetically loving the color pink. Take a look at this list below to see some of the best wallpapers that will help you embrace your femininity.

11. Good Things Are Coming Pink

12. Rose Quartz Up Close Photo

13. Light Grey White Flower Background

14. Simple Pink Background with ‘Hello beautiful’

15. Cute Aesthetic Photo Collage

16. Bobby Pin Background Idea

17. Mystical Girly Collage Idea

18. Soft Pink Moon Background Idea

19. Monochrome White Collage

20. You Are Enough with Tan Glitter

Unique Wallpaper Ideas

Times, best wallpapers are the ones that you least expect. So this list is full of some of the unique wallpaper ideas that I could find. These are going to blow your mind! I made sure to include a good mix of different styles and colors so that there’s some thing for everybody.

21. Travel Space

22. 2 Toned Purple Abstract Butterfly Background

23. LV Split Screen Pink Background

24. Sticker Wallpaper Idea

25. White Marble with Pink Plants

26. Tan Paint Stroke Background

27. PolkaDot Split Screen with Light Blue

28. Green Cactus Bears

29. Light Pink Background with Gold Cursive

30. Hot Pink Photo Collage Idea

Aesthetic Backgrounds for iPhone. 3 different photo examples.

Aesthetic Backgrounds for iPhone

I am always into aesthetics. And why not? Having something pleasing to the eye is a win-win in my book! So I wanted to create a section for some of the most aesthetic backgrounds for iPhones that you will ever see. Take your time looking through these ones, you will probably have a hard time choosing.

31. Cool Pink Cheetah Background with Square Around Clock

32. Tan and Gold Aesthetic Collage

33. Mauve and Pink Paint Swirl

34. Hot Pink Glitter Background

35. Light Pink Coffee Break Idea

36. Tan and Purple Photo Idea

37. Adorable Watermelon Idea

38. Purple Wallpaper Background

39. Let All You Do Be Done In Love

40. Gold Flecks with Pink Background

Best Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone

I know that it might seem a little redundant to put a ‘best’ section in a list that contains all good ideas, but I couldn’t help it. Each of these sections is unique in its own way and has something different to offer. This list is full of ideas that I just couldn’t leave out.

41. Eyelash Background Idea

42. Do More of What Makes Your Happy

43. Believe You Are and You Will

44. Love Yourself Pink Background

45. Glitter Bathtub Background

46. LV Baby Pink Idea

47. Adorable Purple Cartoon Background

48. Bright Pink Rose Idea

49 Watercolor Flower Idea

50. White glitter Roses

Pink Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone

Like I said before, I am trying to increase the amount of pink in my life. This section is for those of you who are doing the same thing. Each of these ideas are pink in some way or another, and each is adorable. I think the best thing to do is see which one makes you the happiest and go from there.

51. Monochromatic Pink Aesthetic Collage

52. Pink Roses Up Close

53. I am the Boss Babe

54. Plastic Heart Idea

55. I hope you know how brave, sparkling, and wonderful you always are.

56. I Can And I Will Pink Background

57. XOXO Glitter Pink Background

58. Pink Make a Wish Background

59. Paris Pink Idea

60. Work Hard Dream Big

wallpapers to make you happy. 3 different photo examples.

Wallpapers To Make You Happy

I think many people underestimate the power of good wallpaper. It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel put together, more yourself, and happier, all from one little picture. I know that might be hard to believe, but the imaging around us affects our brains. So if its an image that you like, that’s even better. Below you will find a list of wallpapers that will make your heart happy.

61.  Glitter and Gold Wallpaper

62. Daisy Flower Ideas

63. Pink Tool with Stars

64. Gucci Soft Pink Collage

65. Black and White Hearts

66. Watercolor Simple Flowers

67. Believe Pink Background

68. Neon Glowing Collage

69. Purple Sky with Palms

70. Pink Spotify Background

Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone You’ll Love

Girly-themed things are truly the cutest, and you can’t change my mind. I find that the girlier something is, the happier it makes me. As a kid, I used to be made fun of for being girly, but I am reclaiming this part of myself. It is a personal power, not a weakness. I will showcase my girliness in everything I do: from caring for others to my writing, to my phone screen.

71. Neon Water with Pink Sky

72. Don’t Touch, It’s Not Your Phone

73. Butterfly Mid Flight Background

74. Trippy Mushroom Smiley Background

75. Tri Colored Flowers

76. No Rain No Flowers

77. Motivational Tan Quote

78. Lip Painting for Background

79. Radiating Positivity Background

80. Black Background with Planets

81. Tan Aesthetic Idea

Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone

Girly Cute Wallpapers for iPhone: Conclusion

I know, how could you possibly choose with this many girly cute wallpapers for iPhone? The good news is you don’t have to! Why not change it out as often as you like? This could be a weekly thing for you; that way, they all get their chance to shine.

After all, there are over 80 options here. Sure, you may need to change it a few more times than weekly to fit them all it, bit I think it’s worth it. Your phone is as prominent in your life as the clothes you wear, so why not make it just as cute?

These wallpapers are a wonderful place to start. Who would have thought that you could style your phone?

I hope you enjoyed this list and that you found a few wallpapers you like. I have so many other fun things to share with you. If you are looking to add a little more pink pop to your life, check this out.