Frequently Asked Questions

Because I know you’ll ask soon… here are some answers you might be looking for. 

Haha! This is one of the most asked questions I receive. I’m 40 and yes… my husband and I were honestly born in the same hospital on the same day! He’s 1/2 an hour older than me. 

For 10 wonderful years I owned and ran asubtlerevelry.com which was my blog baby, as I like to say. In 2019 we sold that business and it’s in someone else’s good hands now. 

After selling the blog, I created a physical product business called Peachy Party filled with all kinds of party fun you can find on Amazon. During Covid while my kids were trying to Zoom me crazy, I stayed sane by launching, scaling and eventually selling that business also. 

I am founder & Owner of Pink Pop Media a digital media company that creates content throughout the web. I currently have 9 blogs in my portfolio that my team has built from the ground up. It is so much fun running them all.

It’s true that 10,000 hours in anything will make you an expert and blogging is no different. I’ve definitely put in my time – Haha! Right now I am providing free training through the business posts we produce here. If I offer anything else in the future being on our email list is the best way to find out.

We’ve been through multiple digital business sales and every time I’ve learned something along the way. It’s WILD and crazy process to be sure, but at the end of the day, finding the right answer to, “should I sell now” is what’s most important.

All I can say to this is… coming soon!

Yes I have! Nothing about business yet, but if you want to get your craft on, I’ve written 3 craft books.

I joke that all the mistakes I’ve made along the way are just my MBA from real business life. I’m self taught and these books have brought such great value to my business along the way, see the list right here.

I love a good business podcast, see my top list right here. 

If I were to recommend any particular programs, the Authority Hacker Academy would be my #1 pick.

This 100% depends on your own business goals, see why right here. 

I live in Reno NV and love it so much here! See my favorite spots to explore if you’re ever in town. 

I have twins that are big ol’ teenagers now. Being a mom has been my life’s favorite role and I honestly REALLY adore this big kid stage! Getting to explore the world with them, cheer them on, have deep conversations together and watch our developing friendship form is such a sweet joy.

A bunt cake from Nothing Bunt Cakes of course!