Have you ever made a business bucket list? It’s summertime which if you’re anything like me, feels like it couldn’t come fast enough this year. I am ready for relaxing and stepping back from the daily work grind just a bit.

Yet, with a more relaxed schedule often summer feels like a time of year that I get stuck…

Wanting to work when I’m playing.

Wanting to play when I’m working.

In general not being nearly as productive as I had hoped.

Do you feel that way too sometimes? If so, let’s reshape how we plan our summers for a productive and fun few months.

I decided to take the idea of a summer bucket list which so many of us love doing with our families and make it work for my business.

This way I have specific things written down in categories that will make me feel accomplished and productive, but not overworked. It’s laid out in a way to make the process of planning more relaxed and fun. Just like summer should be.

Download your own summer bucket list right here & let’s walk through it together

summer business bucket list planner

What To Put On Your Summer Bucket List

I’ve found it is helpful to build out a number of different sections for a business bucket list that will make the various areas simple to manage and effective.

You can use any summer bucket sections that work for you to develop your own simplistic summer business plan. Here are the 5 that I find help my business to move forward the most, even in a season of restful fun.


To fill in your summer bucket list start with the 3 big goals you’d like to accomplish this summer.

  • I like to focus on 3 specific goals for summer because it is enough to move things forward, but not so many goals that I am working in overwhelm.


The next section I look at is tasks to accomplish.

  • What specific things do I need to have completed by the end of the season? These are different than the big picture goals, but obviously related to them. I like to break my tasks down into bite size pieces so I can tackle them in between lake days and family time.


Next up is a section titled, things to learn.

  • What things am I hoping to learn this season? This can include new skills to master, books I’d like to read or even a creative hobby I’ve been wanting to pick up.

My summer business bucket list planning


The people to connect with section helps me to prioritize relationships I’d like to invest in and new connections I’m hoping to make.

  • This can be online or in person, there’s no specific way connection has to happen to make it right.


And details to manage is the last section I include on my summer business bucket list.

  • For this section I like to write down the daily or weekly tasks that are most important that I can check off as I’m going through our summer routine.

I love that this is one page, so it’s easy to keep up and in front of me throughout the season. Have you ever done a bucket list for your business? If so I’d love to know what’s on it.