• The Only Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda You’ll Ever Need

    Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda

    Inside: The best sprint planning meeting agenda checklist to help you reach your goals. Okay, I know we have all been there before; you’re feeling overwhelmed with having to plan out regular sprint planning meetings for your online business. The thought of all the tasks, topics and agendas required end up making you feel like it’s […]

  • Benefits Of Taking Time Off As A Digital Business Owner

    The benefits of taking time off as an entrepreneur

    Inside: Why I take the summer’s mostly off and benefits of taking time off I’ve found as a business owner & my tips on how to do it regularly. We are leaving for Europe this week & I’m taking time off work. What!!!?! As a digital business owner our hours get all kinds of blurred, […]

  • Strategic Planning Meeting Agenda for Business Growth

    strategic planning meeting agenda.

    Inside: Best strategic planning meeting agenda to help your business thrive. Ready to take your company’s growth and success to the next level? Who am I even kidding, the answer to a question like that is always yes. Today I am going to talk about Strategic planning meetings and how amazing they can be for […]

  • 61+ June Bullet Journal Ideas for Bloggers

    June bullet journal

    Inside: June Bullet Journal Ideas that bloggers will love for organizing summer well.  Are you a blogger looking for some muses to stimulate your creativity in June? If so, you are in luck! I am just bursting with fresh June bullet journal ideas and prompts specifically tailored for bloggers(You can find some old inspiration here […]

  • To-Do List To Help Your Business Grow (Blogger Edition)

    Things to do today to help your business grow

    Inside: Things to do today to help your business grow (Ideas and tips for bloggers). Blogging can be such a fun job to have because you are constantly trying new things. It’s part of the job description at this point! This is especially true when it comes to growing your business. There are so many […]

  • 41 May Bullet Journal Ideas for Bloggers

    May Bullet Journal Ideas

    Inside: Cutest May bullet journal ideas for bloggers to help organize your schedule. I think one of my biggest struggles as a blogger is my schedule. I look online, and all I see are these amazingly successful and overly organized blogs that just make me feel like I’m behind. I wanted to be vulnerable and […]

  • MOST Important Content Marketing KPIs for Bloggers

    Most Important Content marketing KPIs for Bloggers

    Inside: The most important content marketing KPIs new bloggers need to focus on. Within the world of blogging, there are so many little tools that you can use to better your business. Over time you slowly build up a strong arsenal that you can pull from while you are navigating the online world. Of those […]

  • What Is a Profit and Loss Statement & How to Build One For A Blog

    what is a profit and loss statement

    Inside: What is a profit and loss statement and how to build one for your blog. I think one of the most stressful things about running a blog during your first few years has to be money. I know… big shocker there. The infancy of your blog is likely to be a time when you […]

  • 40+ March Bullet Journal Ideas for Bloggers

    March Bullet Journal ideas for bloggers. Photo of march bullet journal

    Inside: Cutest march bullet journal ideas for bloggers. I think us bloggers can all agree: One of the biggest challenges for our line of work (apart from learning SEO) is finding a schedule that works for us. I know this might sound silly to those of you who still have to work full-time in a […]

  • How to Find Your Why(Worksheet Included)

    How to find your why. Woman sitting in front of computer with headphones, talking into mic

    Inside: How to find your why with helpful worksheet to get you started. Finding your purpose is something that can prove to be one of the most beneficial and helpful tools in your entire life. It affects everything you do, from your job to your hobbies. Everything is touched by your sense of direction and […]