• 5 Benefits Of Attending A Blog Conference

    Benefits of attending a blog conference

    I am so happy to have gotten to attend my first blog conference in years! I used to love attending these conferences, but ever since the world stopped moving a couple years ago the in person options have been slim. It was so refreshing after taking a few years off gatherings, to be with other […]

  • Best Sites for Finding Grants for Bloggers

    Best Sites for finding grants for bloggers. Photo of hands typing.

    Inside: Best sites for finding grants for bloggers to help you grow your business. I think we can all agree that having more money to use towards our businesses is only ever a good thing. But it can be near impossible to come up with extra money during the first few years of getting it […]

  • How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research in 2023

    pinterest keyword research

    Inside: What is Pinterest keyword research & why is it so important? When starting a blog, you learn about the many important tools that are used to reach more audiences and become successful. There are so many tips and tricks on the subject that it can be overwhelming. But these tools are necessary if you […]

  • 6 Steps To Get a Book Deal (For Bloggers)

    How to get a multiple book deal

    Inside: How to get a book deal as a blogger in 2023. It was always been a dream of mine to write a book, and being a blogger helped turn that dream into a reality. If being an author is something that you have always dreamed of, know that it is possible… Because I did […]

  • Beat The E-E-A-T: A Guide To Gaining Google’s Trust

    Beat the E.E.A.T

    Inside: How to beat the e-e-a-t: gaining Google’s trust so your blog can be as successful as possible Over the years, Google has put systems in place that help to decipher if the content is trustworthy. If you write content and google trusts you, that content has the opportunity to rank higher on the search […]

  • How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? 3 Simple Steps

    How do you hyperlink on Canva?

    Inside: How do you hyperlink on Canva? 3 simple steps to do it, and why it’s important to learn this now. When it comes to blogging, there are so many little technological tricks that you have to learn. But the good news is that over time, you are building quite a helpful toolbox that you […]

  • How to Write a Blog Post Outline (Simple & Easy)

    how to write a blog post outline

    Inside: How to write a blog post outline the simple way. So, you have decided to start a blog… that is amazing! This is such an incredible journey that you are embarking on. When I first started out, I felt so overwhelmed by how little I knew and how much I needed to learn. I […]

  • 21+ Free Blogging Apps To Grow Your Traffic On Autopilot

    Free blogging apps to grow your traffic on autopilot. Photo of phone.

    Inside: Free Blogging Apps to Grow Your Traffic On Autopilot. I think one of the most exciting parts about having a blog is seeing the traffic grow. I also know that it can be a very strenuous thing to achieve that takes lots of effort. As a blogger myself, I know that we need to find […]

  • Best Working Mom Blogs To Inspire The Daily Grind

    Best working mom blogs. Photo of woman smiling at computer.

    Inside: Best working mom blogs you need to keep up on to inspire your own daily habits. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges. Although each child is different, every mom knows the struggles that come from trying to balance her kids and her career. In […]

  • 31 Social Media KPIs to Track for Growth

    Social Media KPIs to Track for Growth Photo of phone

    Inside: Top social media KPIs to track for growth with a download PDF spreadsheet to steal. Having a blog means you are constantly learning and adapting to this ever-changing internet environment. Adding in social media is an important way to build an audience and allow your site to be found by others. You may have […]