Victoria Hudgins

Victoria Hudgins has been creating digital content through blogs, video & social media for over 17 years (before social media even existed!). She has successfully exited 4 digital content based businesses & currently owns a portfolio of content based businesses.

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  • How To Blog For Profit – A History of 12 Years

    How to blog for prodit

    Inside: I’m sharing how I made money as a blogger over the past 12 years and the various income streams available to you.  We’ve been blogging for over 12 years now, which seems so crazy sometimes! Over that time the blogging world has changed dramatically and we’ve grown + adjusted as we go. We are […]

  • How to Start a Lifestyle Business

    Inside: How to start a lifestyle business & what exactly is that?  There’s been so much chatter online lately about the concept of being a #girlboss. Is it empowering? Is it belittling? Are we all called to be bosses? What makes you a boss? And what exactly are you in charge of? I’d like to […]