Inside: The 12 brand archetypes and how they affect your own digital business.

I think we have all heard of star signs before. What if I told you that there are 12 brand signs that deeply affect you run your business & the way you work? You’d be intrigued, right?

Like a Zodiac chart, but for your business!

Today I am going to be discussing the 12 brand archetypes and why they should matter to you.

Unlike star signs though, these 12 brand archetypes are not based on astrology.

These signs are essentially your brand’s persona that you show to the public in order to relate to and attract your target audience.

The 12 brand archetypes and why they should matter to you. Photo of work desk.

Why would this be important? By identifying your archetype, you are more likely to target your proper audience, which will lead to a more successful business. Moreover, you will be able to have a sense of direction when you are raising your brand awareness.

Are you interested yet? Because I just can’t wait any longer. Let’s get into the 12 different brand archetypes.

The 12 Brand Archetypes

The Hero

I’m starting out strong with the hero brand archetype. The hero is a brand that aims to inspire its audiences by targeting their passions and uplifting them. You will often see these brands encouraging their readers to be their best selves while giving them examples of how to get there.

They are the definition of good over evil. They sell the story of success even with the hardest of circumstances. This is a wonderful brand archetype to be and work with because it inspires the world. When looking for a hero archetype, look to brands like Marvel(obviously), Nike, Adidas, Red Cross, and more. 

The Rebel

You will know a rebel brand when you see them. They are the disrupters who are constantly finding new and better ways to do things. Out with the old and in with the new. This brand aims to shake up the way things have been in order to create a new way of doing things that is bigger and better.

In today’s day of age, we quickly realize that the ways of the past are not going to bring us into the future that we desire. That is what this archetype aims to bring to its readers’ attention. We are now in the next phase of our lives.

This Rebel Archetype plays on the passion that their audience feels when they are standing behind a good and just idea. A few examples of these brands are Apple, Vans, and Dr. Martens. 

The Everyman

This is the brand that tries to be as relatable as it can to its audience. You will see that these archetypes shed the high society look that others try to use. Instead, the Everyman tries to be on the same ground as their audience so that they feel seen and validated.

This brand wants its audience to identify with them. Their products are often not as expensive. That way, they are more affordable to the people they are catering to. Some brands that fit this are KFC, Ikea, Walmart, and more. 

Brand Archetype: The innocent

The Innocent

If you are an innocent brand archetype, you most likely keep things simple as can be. This way you can appeal to a wider audience. You never want your viewers or customers to feel overwhelmed. So you opt for being as clear as can be so that there is no confusion.

You want your audience to not have a care in the world. Some examples of these brands are McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

The Ruler

The ruler has complete control over their audience because they limit the number of choices that are offered, which creates a feeling of being unsure. Think of them as the stable parent of the archetype list. You can always count on them; they know best, and they take the lead.

You will often find that this archetype uses very minimalistic designs to make decision-making as easy as it can be for its audience. Some of the best examples of this archetype are Rolex, Microsoft, & Hugo Boss. 

The Creator

The number one attribute that creator businesses have are innovation. You will always find them creating the next best thing that the world needs. They often express thinking that does not fit within the parameters of the standard. They make sure that their customers are always ahead of the curve.

An obvious example of this would be Apple or Tesla.

The Explorer

The explorer archetype is a bunch of solo thinkers. They love to explore the world and make it their mission to bring others along for the ride. They are always bringing about change in some form or another.

You will always find them out on a ledge, ready to risk it all for their cause. This will help inspire their audience to do the same while creating fierce loyalty for their brand. Some examples of this would be The North Face.

The Caregiver

As you can probably guess, the Caregiver is a brand whose aim is to take care of its audience. They are like Robin Hood, helping the unfortunate and playing the role of the helper. They are a comforting brand for those who are in their company and will often inspire a feeling of safety. This is another parent archetype.

An example of this can be Cambell’s and the Salvation Army.

Bran archetype: The Lover. Photo of person holding pink phone.

The Lover

This is a brand that highly plays into the emotions of its audience. It doesn’t just have to be romantic; it can be platonic and familial as well. If you are this kind of archetype, you most likely try and inspire a sense of intimacy within your viewers.

A great example of this is Haagendas and Magnum.

The Magician

The magician is a brand that can blow their audience’s mind. They try and make their wishes come true in big displays that are often seen as magic. For this brand, think of Disney.

The Sage

The Sage Brand is one that is seen as wise and caring. They often are seekers of new information that will benefit the lives of the people in their audience. They are scholarly sources that you can always depend on. They aim to share their ever-growing knowledge with their audience and the world.

Examples of this are Oprah, Harvard, and the Mayo Clinic.

The Jester

Lastly, we have the Jester. This archetype always knows how to have fun and keep things light. Because of this, it is able to pander to the group of common men, who often are in need of lighter things in their lives. You will often find there to be a lot of humor in their campaigns.

A wonderful example of this would be Geico and Progressive.

12 Brand Archetypes Blog business planning

So, have you found which brand archetype you are yet? I am sure that you can identify with a few of them. But by picking one, you can use it as a guide to reaching the right kinds of audiences for your brand.

When you do that, you are basically guaranteed to succeed.

If you love this talk about building your brand, then why not continue the discussion with some of my other informational tips and tricks? I think you will find that they are just the thing that will catapult your brand to its next level.